Tuesday, January 3, 2012


with this recipe i made this from scratch therefore on my own pacing it took so long.... from lady fingers, chocolate modeling to the tiramisu.


2 kl all purpose cream ( around 250 ml per pack)
200 grams fresh milk
300 grams sugar
50 grams gelatin
240 grams cold water

600 grams cream cheese
300 grams sugar
10 pcs egg yolks

lady fingers 
chocolates (for garnish)

how to do:

1. whip all-purpose cream at high speed until it forms peaks and chill it.
2. put the milk and sugar into baine marie.
3. bloom the gelatin in cold water.
4. whip the cream cheese and sugar then add the yolk and the geltin mixture while warm.
5. add the milk mixture gradually.
6. fold in the chilled cream at high speed.
7. whisk in cool bath until thickened. Do not over cool.
8. fill to assembled lady fingers, cover, fill to rim
9. chill to freeze.
10. decorate with chocolates, or cocoa powder.

these are melted chocolates forming it to teardrops for tiramisu garnish.

tiramisu tadah!